Review, sorry my bad english, read this info if you dont understand..sorry again. SKU 27541 Specs - Model: IDU-2850UG-8G - Complies with ISM 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g - DSSS/OFDM Technology - Super high power design ensures a long distance (Manufacturer claimed it's up to 5000m on receiver mode) - Support 64/128-bit WEP Encryption, WPA, WPA2 - Support Windows Vista/XP/2000 - One external antenna for better performance - Output power 50mW~800mW adjustable - For more information, please visit - Packed with: 1 x USB cable, 1 x Antenna, 1 x Driver CD 1x Backtrack 3 CD CHIPSET IS RTL8187, and works perfectly for any ap in linux/windows/mac Injection compatible / aircrack suite
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Lokivoid says:

    looks like alfa knockoff

  2. TheKumasin says:

    sry, my bad i was wrong for one thing… this modem isn’t 100mW…

  3. TheKumasin says:


    you need external antena with Hi gain.. i have 20dbi external antena..

  4. djemba2010 says:

    @TheKumasin do you mean the distance that adapter can get the signal and if it wasn’t strong how can you get a strong signal from a long distance ??

  5. djcrazi112 says:

    please link dowloand driver plz plz

  6. TheKumasin says:

    Trust me it only writes 800mW, it is only 100mW!!!!!! If you don’t belive me check in linux with this command: iwconfig wlan0 txpower 800mw (it won’t work), but if you try iwconfig wlan0 txpower 100mW it will work.

    2000mW is legel limit for the Wi-Fi, so don’t be stupid and buy “2000+mW” wireless adapters

  7. TheMrSiV says:

    oe sabes como se desifra la contraseña del wifi

  8. topdressbag says:

    hallo i want to install this to vista, i already did to my dell computer and it work fine but now i need to install it to mini laptop, that doesnt have cd , so i recorded it to USB but from usb simply doesnt install. when i press……exe it tells me some mistake and not possible so i dont know. is there any way how to install it to laptotp that doesnt have cd?thanks

  9. elgigo86 says:

    @omarscolon did you find them?

  10. TheChirikawa says:

    por que no explicas como funciona en castellano por fa y si pudieras mandame a mi correo te lo agradesco

  11. rikimarufly says:


  12. kenyonclidero says:

    Anyone know where to find a driver for the 10G for MAC or is it not compatible?

  13. omarscolon says:

    please can you upload the drivers for the IDU-2850UG-8G i bing looking for this drivers for 4 months an i cant find it.. and your link was delete please help

  14. omarscolon says:

    please can you upload the drivers for the IDU-2850UG-8G i bing looking for this drivers for 4 months an i cant find it.. and your link was delete please help windows 7 32 bits

  15. sirhaxalot says:



    worldwideweb (dot) wireless-driver (dot) com/realtek-rtl8187l-wireless-usb-adapter-driver/

  16. sirhaxalot says:


    hotfile (dot) com/dl/41168820/952302a/

  17. christiandres528 says:

    please i need the driver and software for windows 7 64 bits, my driver cd doesn’t work with this os…

  18. 57spazzolino says:

    someone knows a software for mac os?
    I can’t find !!!!

    please help me!

  19. lockeforvendetta says:

    Hi there. Bought Wifly few days and it works great, only problem is the chinese letters of the manual. I wasnt able to undestand shit or how the crackin’ works. Anyway, I d like to ask somethin else on something u mentioned about being able to control the power of the wifly. How’s that? I was able to install only the drivers automatically. The windows 7 driver from the cd didnt respond. Is there another software in it? Last thing, is this kinf of power (800mW) dangerous for health???

  20. Begbucks says:

    your English is just fine better than the all Chinese fellow in the last vid lol

  21. thesiebenburgenv says:

    i need a usb wifi like 1.000 mw , 1 km and compact with backtrack 4 or ubuntu and special only to crack wireless wep wpa wpa 2 wpa-aes spk thanks add me or gime your email ok ok goobye

  22. coexno1980 says:

    Your English is fine, Just like any Scanish from the Nordia Part of the world

  23. stehlajz says:

    @pravnik66 IDU-2850UG-8G

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